Jesper Laisen

I am a security advisor with the Danish National Police. Previously I worked as a department head (Service, Technical Implementation and it) at ScanJour A/S and as a Sr. Management Consultant at NNIT A/S. I was also an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. I have a master of arts in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Information Security

I am a Certified Information System Security Professional - CISSP. I also hold a certificate in Advanced Computer Security from Stanford University.

Open Source

Among other things you can find my translations of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Homesteading the Noossphere and The Magic Cauldron.


As an exteral lecturer at the Department for Intercultural Communication and Management, CBS, I taught Business Administration and Marketing, macroeconomics, organisational analysis and CSR.


I have previously been a freelance journalist for Version2 and Alt om Data.

Sophia and Cecilia

My daughters Sophia and Cecilia are seven and three years old, respectively.


I have reviewed a lot of books I have read which I hope you find usefull.